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A Spirit Empowered Community

What Do We Do Now?

We aren’t the first generation of the church to face an unprecedented crossroad in our life together.  We are definitely not in the middle of your run of the mill social change that happens with fair regularity.  These sorts of change can often be addressed with vigilance and some tinkering with and adjusting some of our standard practices.  The learning curve on these is pretty gentle.  This is most assuredly not the same circumstance.  The danger of this disease must lead us to a fundamental reconsideration of our life together for the foreseeable future.  The challenge is that knowing how to navigate this time will require us to learn new responses, new technology and even a transformed theology.  This is a tall order; but remember, we are not the first generation required to find our way through such a change.  We can learn a lot from how previous generations have walked their path. 

A Teacher to Guide Us

Jesus knew.  Jesus knew that his followers had less than perfect knowledge.  He knew that they were prone to petty squabbles over some pretty ridiculous beliefs (like who was the greatest).  They would need a teacher.  The disciples would need to have a guide, because they were being called to embody a community that was essentially unique.  This guide would need to help remind them and keep them rooted in the core principles that Jesus established.  When their life got tough, when conflicts (from within or from without) shook their life and relationship, they would need to be reminded.  The work of the guide would be to help them put the pieces back together.  This guide would teach them the practices that would enable to do applied learning.  This teacher would help them know how to take the basic truths about their life together and apply them in each new and unprecedented situation.  Jesus knew there would be plenty of need for this over the generations.  This teacher and guide is who we know and experience as the Holy Spirit.

God Present With Us

I have supreme hope that no matter how the coming weeks and months pan out, relative to the COVID 19 pandemic and the lingering effects of a safer at home ethos, that we are not alone.  We are not left to figure it out for ourselves.  God is with us.  Through the work of the Holy Spirit we continue to be reminded of the power and possibility of living as beloved community.  Our way forward through this crisis will be to expand this understanding and practice.  We are called to embrace it and not shrink from it out of fear.  As the Spirit moves individually and collectively through our church community, we will learn the practices that will strength our response to the present time.  As we pay attention to the Spirit’s guidance through our practices of prayer, study, worship and service we will learn and grow.  As we share what we have learned with each other, we will be stronger.  Join us for worship on Sunday as we explore and celebrate this vital part of our faith.