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There Is a Way Through This

There Is a Way Through This

What Comes Next? As COVID related restrictions begin to ease across the community and the country, we are all being faced with a new set of decisions.  Individuals, institutions, communities, and companies are all recalibrating.  Sometimes this calibration results in...

A Message For All Time

A Message For All Time

When Love Was Simple When we were young, love was much simpler.  Our world was small.  There were only just a few people that made up the universe.  These were the people upon whom we depended for everything we needed.  All the necessities of life were woven into the...

The Best Grapes

The Best Grapes

Too Many Figs, Not Enough Water We used to have a fig tree in our yard. It was large. It provided great shade from the afternoon sun in the backyard. It produced a LOT of figs. One year we even got two crops. This was not that big a deal to me, because I don’t like...


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The Courage to Act

September 19, 2021


Why Is Agape So Hard?

September 12, 2021

There Is a Way Through This

May 16, 2021