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Is This the New Normal?

Seeing the World Differently

One of the most challenging things we can do is learn to see the world differently.  This is not an inherent human defect.  To some extent we all become accustomed to seeing the world in a specific way.  We make judgements about relationships, truth and expectations based on a view that is born of experience, choices, upbringing, education and a variety of other factors.  It is a natural process to want to normalize this world view.  After all, it is the only thing we know.  What happens, though, when we’re confronted with the information that how we see the world is no longer accurate, much less helpful?  This is the reality with which we are now confronted as the human community, across the globe, is responding to the COVID 19 pandemic.  This global health crisis and the virus’ transmission potential are requiring that we learn to see the world differently. 

A Call to Sacrifice

Most of us are not old enough to remember the costs and sacrifices associated with surviving the Great Depression or the rationing during World War II.  We’ve heard stories from family and history, but we don’t have firsthand experience.  The collective experience of pulling together was a source of great strength.  Sometimes the references to this time are seen through rose-colored lenses which belie how difficult it was to make the sacrifice.  Those of you who lived through it know full well there was nothing easy about it, even though it was the necessary thing to do.  What we are being asked right now is to make sacrifices on the scale that we haven’t been asked to make for 75 years.  We’re being asked to do our part to keep our neighbor, all of our neighbors, safe from a viral infection that could impact vast swaths of our community.  Weathering this crisis will require us to see the world, our neighbors and our self differently.

Aligning Our View with God

We will explore the spiritual aspects of this need in worship this Sunday.  Through the story of Samuel anointing David as King we will consider how hard it is to give up the ‘common wisdom’ in order to align with God.  It is easy to think that somehow God adopts our view of the world.  Scripture will consistently remind us that our view of the world is far too limited to see as God sees.  The good news is that with every experience we have of opening our heart to how God sees that which God has created, we grow in our ability build the relationships and forge the community that provides a place to belong for all of us.