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We are a church of Missions, and we take it seriously; we also have fun with it.


Coming up!  Our Missions Faire on November 6, immediately after church, where you can have the chance to get a little shopping done AND help support our programs. 

BUT WAIT!  You can also DONATE something for this very event!  Have a craft you think people would like to buy?  Maybe some extra ballgame tickets you’d like to share, or a lovely item you’ve had around the house that you just don’t need any more.  We’ll be accepting items until the faire.  Stop by the Missions’ coffee table to volunteer an item.

As you scroll through the list below, you might see something  that you would like to know more about.  If so, please contact the church office, and you will be directed to someone who can help you.  Or stop by the Missions’ coffee table for info.

In the Global community:

Three Methodist Missionaries are getting financial support from us: two in Japan doing work with youth in a coffee house setting and one in Taiwan helping to train ministers.

We have been supporting The Guatemala Project with direct donations, and through scholarships to help some of our congregation members (particularly youth) participate. This is in addition to the support given by many of our congregation members directly. Click the link to a video showing this valuable project.

Fair Trade Coffee/Chocolate  is sold most Sundays after church by members of our committee.  We intend this project just to break even.  It allows small farmers to sustainably farm their own small plots of land while supporting their families.  Plus, it is incredibly good coffee!

Our Community Outreach:

Shower of Blessing was started at our church in 2009 as a very short-term solution to a large problem.  The homeless needed showers.  The showers in our sanctuary basement built originally to serve the occasional overnight youth group proved to be a long term solution.  Since then, every Saturday from 8:30 to about 11:30 twenty to thirty very thankful people have taken showers. This project requires many hands, as well as our financial support, to run smoothly.  Follow the link to find information about volunteering.  

Share Ministry also serves the less fortunate of our community, this time with food. In cooperation with 4 other local churches the homeless are given a good meal every Saturday afternoon, a day not covered by the other area food providers.  Redlands First serves every 3rd Saturday of the month, and we would love extra volunteers to donate food items and/or serve.

Joshua Tree Breakfasts serves the less fortunate of Joshua Tree, rotating among 12 area Methodist Churches.  This involves 4-8 people driving to Joshua Tree Methodist Church, preparing and serving a good healthy breakfast to some 60-100 people.  We do this four or five times a year.

Our last two dates for 2016 are:

  • October 1; talk to Tom or Rita Osborne if you would like to help
  • December 10; talk to Jane Honeycutt if you would like to help

Plus these other community programs supported by the church through the Missions’ committee:

  • Youth Hope
  • Christian Counseling Service of Redlands
  • Family Service Association of Redlands

Within Our Immediate Church Family

  • Our Youth going to Sierra Service Project and other youth requirements
  • The Wednesday Gardeners have been helping/getting help from several homeless or otherwise less fortunate in our community.  We help cover that cost.
  • And because we are a FAMILY, sometimes things come up and we are asked to pitch in.  If we are able, we do it.