Our Vision

We aspire to be an Invitational, Nurturing and Inclusive community of faith.

Our ministry and life of faith are informed by our belief and heritage, our practice and our growth in grace.

In our practice of ministry we seek to be open and affirming of all God’s children.

What We Believe

As a United Methodist congregation we are part of a global community of people who are steeped in the Wesleyan heritage.  We use knowledge and spiritual practice that we might have a balance faith and witness. For nearly 300 years we have taken our place alongside other mainline Protestant traditions in sharing the Gospel message in worship, study and service to our community and world.

We Are Disciples

As people who follow Christ we are committed to being people of action in the world.  Discipleship isn’t the experience of being cloistered in Sanctuary or classroom.  We take the faith that is formed in worship and study out into the world, that our lives may be witnesses to the grace we have received through our relationship with Christ.  We seek to be a transformational presence.

Practicing Our Faith

Whether it is our service in the world, our  worship life (community or individual), our efforts at studying Scripture and theology, we answer the call to a life of ongoing faith formation.  Every one of these experiences is an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to bring strength, encouragement and healing into our life which empowers our discipleship.  Our growth in grace is a gateway to deeper faith.