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You Have Super-Hero Power — June 18, 2017

You Have the Power

We do love our super heroes.  Whether you were introduced to the likes of Spiderman in the pages of Marvel comics or the silver screen was your first introduction, the super hero mythology is something we share.  Outside of a few examples, our super heroes are normal folks. Through the in-breaking of some event, they are imbued with some incredible power.  These heroes fight crime and injustice in support of the rest of us.  This is, however, not the whole story.  In addition to their power these extraordinary people have a passion and deep commitment to justice and fairness.  Absent of this passion, they would have no motivation, nothing that would send them into the world.  If there is a downfall in this mythology it is that those who are not super heroes or sidekicks are relegated to being spectators.

At this point any similarity between the super hero mythology and the church or Christian theology falls completely apart.  Some people have made the argument that the super hero stories bear some dim resemblance to Jesus, the rest of us are anything but spectators.  The disciple of the risen Christ is not powerless to face the greed, corruption and injustices of the world.  We are, in fact, powerful.  We are partners with Christ in the life-giving ministry of self-giving love.  Our call enables us to follow Christ to the margins in order to advocate for justice, restore the wounded and bring hope to those in despair.  We do this wherever our daily lives take us, from home to workplace to the marketplace to the freeways and back.

Claiming Our Witness

Our Scripture for Sunday, Romans 5:1-8, is Paul’s witness to the enduring power of what God has accomplished ALREADY in our life, through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.  This power is already at work in our life.  Each of us is imbued and inspired with the heart and the ability to live out the promise of God’s reign of love, mercy and justice in our world.

I invite you to join us for worship this Sunday at Redlands First UMC, 9:30 am.  We will claim our call and celebrate the ministry of the many Spirit empowered servants (including our fathers) who are in our midst.

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